In the final episode of The Shameless Chef, Michael Davenport entertains and delights with the richer things in life. From pavlova to sundae smorgasbords and homemade pie crusts, it’s all about dessert this week. When the late night munchies come calling, Michael’s advice is to be prepared. Have your favorite snacks on hand, keep packaged cookie mix in your pantry, and take down his recipe for a “sloppy egg sandwich.” Delight any dinner party guests this summer with a sundae buffet - think multiple flavors, sauces and toppings to be combined in endless combinations, and don’t forget homemade whipped cream. Michael provides a pie crust recipe that you don’t need to be intimidated by and suggests a more complicated pastry endeavor for those with lots of time on their hands and strong hankering for chocolate.

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The Shameless Chef

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