Homebrew: A Beer Sessions Radio Playlist

By: Rachael Markow

If you’ve even thought about where you’d keep a brew kettle in your kitchen (or living room or hallway) this playlist is for you.

Jimmy Carbone, host of Beer Sessions Radio, discusses homebrewing with authorities like Julia Herz, the newly appointed director of The American Homebrewers Association, and Charlie Papazian, the man who literally wrote the book on homebrewing. Get to know spices’ and herbs’ roles in homebrewing, how brewing at home compares to working in a brewery, the history of homebrewing, and more. This HRN playlist is for both beginners and experienced brewing enthusiasts alike.

Episode 613: Brew On! Julia Herz and the American Homebrewers Association: Julia Herz, executive director of The American Homebrewers Association, talks about her role as being a voice and advocate for the hobby she loves. She also covers everything from the history of home brew since Mesopotamia to the styles of beer and homebrewing popular today. Jeff Lyons of Endless Life Brewing weighs in on how homebrewing compares to working in a brewery and the unique styles of beer homebrewing helps to develop. Ethan Cox of Community Beer Works talks with Jimmy about their all New York State beer in the works and details New York State's rich history with hops production. 

Episode 536: Historical Brewing Techniques: More Than Just Kveik Yeast: Jimmy speaks with Lars Marius Garshol all the way from Norway. He is credited with discovering and cataloging kveik yeast and is the author of Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing. John LaPolla of Bitter & Esters and Pete Legyel-Fushimi of KCBC join the conversation as well. Lars provides the history of how kveik yeast has been passed down by home brewers in Norway for centuries, while Pete shares how he is using the yeast at KCBC today in everything from fruited sours, to IPAs, and even stouts. Learn about how kveik yeast can shave time off of a strict brewing schedule, the extensive research Lars did to understand traditional brewing techniques, and the reason why people scream when they pitch yeast.

Episode 499: There's No Brew Like Homebrew: Hear from Jeff Lyons of Keg & Lantern Brewing, Brett Taylor of Wild East Brewing, and John Lapolla of Bitter and Esters on what makes the homebrewing scene in New York City different, how homebrew shops have changed over time, and the best way to talk to a homebrewer when you don't like their beer.

Episode 420: Brown Ale: What does brown ale mean to you? Clay Risen of The New York Times, Sean Torres of Kills Boro Brewing, John Lapolla of Bitter & Esters, and Brian Kulbacki of Departed Soles Brewing talk about the subtle and nuanced flavors of brown ales and why they think it's difficult to hide any flaws in a brown ale.

Episode 377: Fruits, Spices, and Herbs: Eric Hernandez of Coney Island Brewing Company, Merlin Ward of Wartega, John LaPolla of Bitter & Esters, and Danii Oliver of House of Juice talk with Jimmy about the flavors behind some of our beloved craft beers.

Episode 324: Saison Day: Recorded at Threes Brewery, this episode takes a look back at Saison Day. Featured within are interviews with Cory McNutt and Eric Meader of Allagash, Greg Doroski and Joel Ford of Threes, John Lapolla of Bitter and Esters, and winner of the saison homebrew competition Alex Biederman.

Episode 293: From Home Brew to Pro Brew!: From Home Brew to Pro Brew! Tune in as Jimmy Carbone and friends John LaPolla and Stephen Valland are joined by Jason Sahler, an award-winning homebrewer taking the next step and starting his own brewery. Strong Rope Brewery creates handcrafted local and organic ales featuring seasonal offerings that will use the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. While serving many of the ales on draft, the brewery will also feature living ales: cask and bottle-conditioned beers where live yeast remains in the beer, which continues to condition and evolve in its serving vessel, showcasing the subtle natural flavors that this unique conditioned environment creates.

Episode 255: SMASH Beer Preview: A classic episode anticipating NYC 2015 Beer Week "Smash"! 10+ nyc breweries created beers with all "State Malt And State Hops", thus the smash name. Kyle Hurst of Big Alice Brewing, Chris Cuzme of Cuzett Libations, Marcus Burnett of Rockaway Brewing Company and John LaPolla of Bitter & Esters joined the show.

Episode 247: Relax! Don't Worry, Have a Home Brew: Charlie Papazian is the man who literally wrote the book on homebrewing. Author of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, founder of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) and the Association of Brewers and the current president of the Brewers Association. The creator of the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup, he is the founding publisher of the magazines Zymurgy (for homebrewers) and The New Brewer (for professional craftbrewers). Tune in as he tells his story and paints a picture of the world before homebrewing and craft beers became popular. 

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