Anne Hellman and Michel Arnaud teamed up and put their writing and photography skills to create the beautiful Design Brooklyn, a book that highlights the best in renovation, innovation, restoration, and industry in Brooklyn. On this week's episode of After the Jump, Grace Bonney chats with Anne and Michel about their roots in design, and how they came to be fascinated with spaces in Brooklyn. Hear how they were inspired by the ingenuity of many Brooklyn entrepreneurs, and how the history and ethics of industry in the borough fuel a new sort of creativity. Find out what neighborhoods Anne and Michel had fun exploring and capturing in their book, and hear why it was important for the duo to include information about public green spaces. What locations did Anne and Michel fall in love with while working on Design Brooklyn? Find out on this week's After the Jump! Thanks to our sponsor, Underground Meats.

"We always hear that industry is disappearing in America, but this mindset in Brooklyn shows that it's not really true." [10:15]

"I think the design in Brooklyn is moving along its own tracks, and it has so many components." [25:30]

-- Michel Arnaud on After the Jump

"I hope that enough of these old building are preserved. I think the Wythe Hotel is a great example of what's possible in terms of preservation." [27:10]

-- Anne Hellman on After the Jump