Branding is a tricky concept. Luckily, on this week's episode of After the Jump, Lindsay McCabe & Leigh Nelson of Branding + Design Firm LMNOP are here to clear things up for you. Smitten with colors, shapes, sounds, and worked up by fresh ideas, LMNOP "stokes your imagination, tickles your taste buds (the ones in your eyeballs) and generally surprises and delights." Find out how branding can mean more than most people think and what Lindsay and Leigh do to make sure they are able to use their creative energy in as many fields as possible. This program was sponsored by Consider Bardwell.

"At the end of the day we want our creativity to speak for our company" [06:00]

Lindsay McCabe on After the Jump

"Our goal was to not focus on one industry - we wanted to be able to do a lot of different things....with anything - as you start to gain clients more of those types of clients tend to come on." [13:00]

Leigh Nelson on After the Jump