What makes the blind IPA tasting so unique? Tune in to this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio and find out! Jimmy's joined by a bevy of guests including Southern Craft Beer is alive and well - and tonight's episode of Beer Sessions Radio proves it! Tune in and hear from a bevy of guests - including first place blind IPA tasting winner, brewmaster Mitch Steele of Stone Brewing. Other guests are Whitney Wright of Southern Living Magazine, Rich Blair of New Holland Brewing & Distillery, Michael Cafaro & Dru Nichols, IPA Blind Tasting Judges and Ally Centonze of Green Flash Brewing. Tune in for insights into blind tastings, southern craft beer and everything in between! This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"One of the challenges [in blind tasting] is trying to identify the off flavors. I don't think people fully appreciate how alive a beer is - it's a live product made from agricultural products. It's a very perishable item - these beers change a lot with time. If you can recognize the off-flavors - you can understand the mistake in the [brewing] process." [07:00]

--Dru Nichols on Beer Sessions Radio

"Alabama is the fastest growing craft beer state in the country!" [13:00]

--Whitney Wright on Beer Sessions Radio

"The first steps in making great spirits is making great beer." [40:00]

--Rich Blair on Beer Sessions Radio