It's always time for beer on Beer Sessions Radio! This week, host Jimmy Carbone is joined by Jason Perkins, Brewmaster at Allagash, Niko Krommydas, beer writer and Craft Beer New York editor, Juan Rodriguez & Sven Bosch of Naparbier and BR Royla of Shelton Brothers Imports. Tune in as they chat about everything from wild beer to international flavor. Find out what Juan and Sven are up to at Naparbier and how Shelton Brothers has been able to bring the beer to the US. This program was sponsored by

"If you're following good sanitary practice you'll be in really good shape [brewing wild beers]." [15:00]

--Jason Perkins on Beer Sessions Radio

"It can be hard to make the transition from wine to beer in a culture where wine has been dominating for so many years." [36:00]

--BR Royla on Beer Sessions Radio