Melissa Kogut, Executive Director of Chef's Collaborative, is somebody who knows a thing or two about promoting sustainability. Chefs Collaborative is a national chef network that's changing the sustainable food landscape using the power of connections, education and responsible buying decisions. On a HRN Community Session, she sits down with Erin Fairbanks and chats about her organization and the work she's been doing over the past five years. Hear about interesting initiatives such as "Seafood Solutions", a program designed to explain how to make sustainable choices and educate customers about seafood. Later in the program - learn about the Chef's Collaborative Cookbook, their latest book that features great recipes that highlight the way sustainability-minded chefs are cooking now. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market

"Trash fish refers to species of seafood that are under utilized. There are opportunities to eat alternative species - but we need to make sure we have data for those species so we don't [over consume them]" [4:00]

"I get to work with passionate, smart comitted people. Chef's are people who work really hard. It tends to be a really community minded group. They are the first to donate their time and food to community events - they give a lot of themselves." [9:00]

--Melissa Kogut, Executive Director of Chef's Collaborative