This week's guest on Chef's Story is Anita Lo, chef and owner of Annisa restaurant in NYC and author of "Cooking Without Borders". Citing multicultural influences, Anita explains how she fell in love with food growing up in Michigan and traveling the world with her self proclaimed "food tourist" family. From France to Iran, Anita took cues from all of her travels and experiences before opening Annisa, in New York's Greenwich Village. Find out what it took to open Annisa and how Anita has found continued success through her cooking, media appearances and writing. What was it like working with David Bouley? How did 9/11 affect the success of Annisa? How did the Food Network affect Anita's career? Tune in to Chef's Story and hear the whole story! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Learn more about "A Second Helping Fundraiser" that Anita is involved with here.


"I've always called cooking a lifestyle choice of the obsessive compulsive."

"I was taught French cuisine - I had to learn Asian cuisine."

"David Bouley taught me about ingredients. He was farm to table before anybody else was."

"I'm a nocturnal person which fits well with having a restaurant that's only open for dinner."

--chef Anita Lo on Chef's Story