This week on Chef's Story host Dorothy Cann Hamilton interviews one of the new living legends of New York chefs, Bryce Shuman. Bryce tells us about his life, when he lived in the arctic, traveled to San Francisco for culinary school, and how he came to his restaurant Betony. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.


"I think now I'm innately very accepting, I think that has helped me become the person that I am, I try not to judge people." [14:00]

"I wanted it to be a fine dining restaurant, I wanted to work at a restaurant that had 3 Michelin stars and 4 stars from the New York Times, these things were important to me." [36:00]

"There are may opportunities that will pull you away from the restaurant but you have to decide what is more important." [44:00]

-- Bryce Shuman on Chef's Story