Chef Gabriel Kreuther joins us in the studio to talk about the cuisine of his native Alsace-Lorraine.

A Michelin-starred chef, Kreuther was born on a family farm in Alsace and raised on his mother's traditional Alsatian cooking. After attending culinary school and working in Michelin-starred kitchens throughout Germany, France and Switzerland, Kreuther arrived in New York City in 1997 to work as a sous-chef at La Caravelle restaurant.

He was named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs in 2003 and won a 2009 James Beard Foundation Award for “Best Chef: New York City.” Kreuther's eponymous restaurant offers an Alsatian-inspired dining experience overlooking Bryant Park.

Gabriel Kreuther alsace village Gabriel Kreuther cooking

GABRIEL KREUTHER sturgeon and sauerkraut tart

Gabriel Kreuther's Sturgeon & Sauerkraut Tart

"I never really work with people that followed too much of a trend. Always being true to yourself, being true to what you believe in, and keep doing it at a high level." [14:20] – Gabriel Kreuther