This week's guest on All in the Industry is Dana Koteen, Managing Partner of Restaurant Reason.

Restaurant Reason is the new industry standard for staff training and communications. The powerful online tools we provide make it easy to train your staff so they can create exceptional guest experiences and increase sales. The system makes it easier to manage your training programs, so your managers spend less time in the office and more time on the floor. With an easily managed program, you can provide high-quality training and empower your staff to represent you and your concept the way you would.

Mr. Dana A. Koteen, Managing Partner


"I got my start in the restaurant business at sixteen years-old working as a busboy and host. After all this time you can bet I've been through a lot of training, whether as a trainee or a trainer.

As the Service Director of Maialino, I was responsible for training an ever-changing staff of 50 for a restaurant that is open for three meal periods every day of the year. While struggling to keep up-to-date information in the minds and mouths of my staff, I realized something: the restaurant industry has no standard for training our staff. Unlike our reservation and POS systems, we've never upgraded the paper training packet to a digital system that is easy to use for both the trainee and the trainers.

At the time, I knew my friend Michael had a started a company that was doing something with training for restaurants, but didn't know much about it. Fast forward one year later and we have Restaurant Reason.

Our mission is simply to make it easy to train restaurant staff so they can create exceptional guest experiences and increase sales."