This week on Eating Disorder, Chef Paul Gerard, Adam Velez, and The Rev Spyro talk about the dirty world of food advertising. With the Superbowl approaching, the Eating Disorder crew talks about how food advertising infiltrates our daily lives. Specifically, hear why real food is never advertised, but processed food ads are pushed down our throats! Is food advertising responsible for the hunger and obesity problems in this country? Find out how advertisements are also encouraging people to eat on the go and forget about the family meal! Kiran Aditham of Mediabistro stops by to give some professional opinions on the world of food advertising; you don't want to miss this week's edition of Eating Disorder! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Music by Hardbodies.


"Advertisement has always been based on consumption." [11:50]

-- Kiran Aditham on Eating Disorder