It’s 2018, and we’re starting the year in Los Angeles by meeting up with Ellen Bennett of the wildly popular apron and kitchen line, Hedley & Bennett. Ellen shares with us her journey from working as a line cook to developing one of the most recognized and beloved culinary brands in the world. For “Snacky Tunes 5’s,” our good pal Jameson Fink eschews the typical fitness goals people usually make this time of year, and instead focuses his resolutions on the topic he loves best: wine! If the sounds of New York rockers, NO ICE, are new to you, it’s certainly not due to the band’s lack of effort. Deemed one of the “Hardest Working Bands” of 2016 and 2017 by the site, Oh My Rockness​NO ICE has performed with the likes of Richard Lloyd of Television and Ian Saint Pé of the Black Lips over the years. The band stops in for a live acoustic performance of songs from their latest album, “Come on Feel the NO ICE.”


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