This week on Food Talk, Mike welcomes two guests: Executive Chef and Owner of Ford's Filling Station in Culver City, CA, Ben Ford and Chef Jesse Schenker, owner of Recette and The Gander in New York City. First up, Chef Ben shares how his mom sparked his love for the kitchen as a child and how cooking became an increasing interest for him growing up. Eventually making his way to owning and cooking at his own innovative gastropub, Ben also talks about his book, Taming the Feast. Next, Mike speaks with Chef Jesse Schenker about his many feats in the restaurant world. Chef Jesse talks about his humble beginnings working around New York City restaurants, dreaming of his own space. From Recette to The Gander, both restaurants satisfy a specific culinary vision that the chef has dreamed up to create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a well-crafted meal, heavy in technique and texture.


"I really got into big animal cooking because we were basically the first snout to tail restaurant in Los Angeles... I wasn't expecting to make that the message of this restaurant... I'm a big believer in the holistic farm system with animals." [5:49]

-- Ben Ford on Food Talk with Michael Colameco

"At the end of the day I was trying to put a menu together of food that I like to eat, and how I like to eat out. I wanted to be in an atmosphere that I like to be in. I've got 90's grunge blasting: Pearl Jam to Bob Dylan to the Beatles to an old Dead cover." [24:07]
-- Jesse Schenker on Food Talk with Michael Colameco