This week’s guest on Greenhorn Radio is Gretel Adams of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Ohio. Steve and Gretel didn’t grow up farming, they consider themselves serendipitous farmers. Steve had an apprenticeship at Anderson Orchards, which sparked their passion for farming. And, Gretel was blessed enough to inherit a 10 acre lot in Columbus that her father bought in the 80’s. They both loved to be outside playing in the dirt and being more connected with nature, and their passion for farming continues to blossom as the garden grows. Steve and Gretel are trying to live life as sustainably as possible by using organic practices, canning and preserving food, making their own soap, composting to make their own soil amendments, and heating their house with wood, among other things. Living a sustainable lifestyle includes trying to be as self- sufficient as possible, which is becoming especially important in our current times. They have a great desire to help their community and want to help bridge the generational gap by teaching kids how their elders used to live, and how to be more self-sufficient. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

“I think local flowers will become part of the conversation when restaurants that focus on farm to table realize flowers part of what they are trying to accomplish.”

Gretel Adams of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm on Greenhorn Radio