Continuing with the beauty and botanical series, Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito welcome beauty expert Trae Bodge to detail her favorite plant based productions on this week's We Dig Plants.  Sharing a great detail of fascinating facts about ingredients like blueberries, chocolate, and even coffee for skin care, Trae even comments on the use of cannabis in beauty products.  Which are the best ingredients to look for on beauty labels? If you only use makeup sparingly, which are the integral products? For answers and much more, check out this episode!

"You want to look for companies that talk about fair trade, especially with these butters, things like chocolate, coffee, things like that.  You do want to be mindful because it's like diamonds because you don't know where it's coming from and who's being mistreated." [13:30]

"To be 100% natural or organic, sometimes there's no preservatives in the product." [20:00]

--Trae Bodge on We Dig Plants