Learn everything you need to know about sake on a special episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Sake Ambassador Monica Samuels. Find out how sake is made, what makes it great and what to look for when choosing a bottle. From rice grain polish to the open tank fermentation process - discover the hidden secrets behind the fermented rice beverage. Learn about the mold that's grown on sake rice that converts starch to sugar and produces amino acid content that gives Sake that extra element of umami. Whether you're a sake expert or just finding out about the Japanese beverage - you can learn something new on a very informative episode of In the Drink. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"Making these sakes you can drink like a wine and enjoy with a meal [requires] a much longer and colder fermentation, so this artisanal approach is something that is relatively new." [9:08]

"Water is the only expression of terroir in sake."[10:08]

"The market for premium sake is growing, but it's a very small percentage of sake consumption." [13:58]

--Monica Samuels, sake ambassador on In the Drink