Take a trip to Chicago this week on In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Jennifer Tietz, Sommelier of Tru Restaurant . Jennifer Tietz's passion for wine began while working at a wine bar during her college years at Northwestern University, where she became inspired by the precision, passion, and challenge of the beverage industry.Following graduation, Tietz pursued her passion in Chicago, where she continued to study, learn and test her skills at upscale restaurants. Starting at contemporary American restaurant BOKA, Jennifer worked her way up, progressing from runner to back waiter, to front waiter in just a year. She continued her career at Waldorf Astoria restaurant Ria for one year as Captain, and eventually left to fill the position of Sommelier/Wine Buyer at Benny's Chop House in 2010. Jennifer began her career at progressive French restaurant Tru in 2011 as Assistant Sommelier, working her way up to become Sommelier in 2012. At Tru, Jennifer oversees the entire beverage program, which includes selecting wines to pair with Executive Chef/Partner Anthony Martin's intricate cuisine and dynamic plating.


"[Vintage wines] take work - these aren't things you're buying cases of and sitting on for years. You're selling and replacing on a constant basis." [09:00]

"Those of us working in fine dining have really loosened up. We have a lot of fun during out shifts - it's not a stuffy environment whatsoever. We're still providing impeccable service and beautifully presented foods, but we have a smile on our faces. We're there to bond with our guests and give them a comfortable experience." 22:00

--Jennifer Tietz on In the Drink