This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Michelin star chefs Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban, Executive Chefs and owners of Edi & the Wolf and the soon-to-be opened chef inspired cocktail bar The Third Man in the East Village. Hear their perspective on German and Austrian wine and learn about their modern approach to Austrian cuisine. Listen in as they taste some German beer on-air in anticipation of Oktoberfest and explain what it's like during the 16-day festival held annually in Germany. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


"What's important to me is not to sell the most important wine but to find the perfect wine for a dish or a person."
--Eduard Frauneder of Edi & the Wolf on In the Drink

"Nobody says that meat and potatoes has to give you a heart attack once you finish the plate."
--Wolfgang Ban of Edi & the Wolf on In the Drink