The face of free school food is about to change in some neighborhoods thanks to something called Community Eligibility. Community Eligibility helps bring universal meal service to high poverty districts. It's been introduced in phases, and this coming school year it's going national. This week on Inside School Food, Laura Stanley is chatting with two experts who can help listeners understand the specifics of Community Eligibility -- Madeleine Levin, senior policy analyst in the Child Nutrition Unit at the Food Research and Action Center, working on school nutrition issues, and Leslie Fowler, director of nutritional support services, at Chicago Public Schools. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"More kids eat when community eligibility is implemented." [08:00]

--Madeleine Levin on Inside School Food

"There's no obligation to participate. The greater need is around the students that need the program and that's what we're focusing on." [21:00]

--Leslie Fowler on Inside School Food