On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we leave the big city and find ourselves in the Upper Midwest with Molly Yeh, blogger at mynameisyeh.com, and author of cookbook “Molly on the Range“. Yeh’s Chinese & Jewish background began the suburbs of Chicago, but her like of ethnic fusion didn’t really jive as much as Lunchables did. As a percussionist, she eventually attended Julliard, using New York City as a place to first try broccoli and Brussels sprouts. These simple foods begat to culinary exploration, combining the trends of our times with her upbringing: Schnitzel on a Steam Bun, Challah Scallion Pancake, memories of spinach pizza (her dad’s way of tricking her into eating healthy) accidentally turned into Spinach Feta Rugelach by her mother. It wasn’t until another move, this time to Grand Forks, North Dakota, where her husband is a 5th generation beet farmer, that she learned to love “hotdish” and “cookie salad“, all while perfecting her Norwegian lefse (flatbread) as all good farmers housewives do.

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challah scallion pancakes

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hot dish

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spinach & feta rugelach

*all photos by Molly Yeh courtesy of Rodale