Opening a restaurant comes with a laundry list of challenges. Let’s assume you’ve checked all the boxes and you have your opening date. Now it’s all about getting people IN to your restaurant. How do you devise the press strategy for opening? And what parts of your business are unique and interesting from a press perspective? I’m confident our guest today can advise on all these issues and more.

Riddle me this, what happens when a PR Pro opens bi-coastal champagne bars? Two very buzzy restaurants. Jen Pelka in the Founder and CEO of The Riddler, the popular all-women funded champagne bar in NYC and San Francisco. Jen is also the founder of Magnum PR, the leading restaurant PR agency in SF. Prior to the Riddler Jen worked alongside chef Daniel Bolud for 5 years and then went on to marketing content and strategy roles at Opentable, Gilt and Tumblr.

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