This week on Cooking Issues Dave Arnold answers more listener questions about making a simple syrup with lactose (you can't), the Roger Moore martini recipe, low temperature cooking with a circulator, whether or not bringing gelatin to a boil can ruin your home brew, and how to thicken a pasta sauce. Tune in for answers to these questions along with a rant on people who where their medical scrubs out on the street and Dave's theory on why James Bond orders his martini's "shaken, not stirred". This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


"When you're cooking you're usually pretty on point to make it look like you're not doing something disgusting." [5:00]

"Never run a circulator without covering it for any length of time." [18:00]

"I've boiled gelatin many times and had it still set." [24:00]

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues