This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis sits down and chats with Ashley Kosiak, Amy Rosenthal and Nathaniel Coburn, three Masters Candidates in Food Studies at NYU. They talk about what brought them to the academic side of food and what they expect to get out of the program. Learn what makes New York a unique place to study food and how a holistic understanding of our food system trumps all other approaches. Whether you're about to graduate or considering applying, everybody can learn something from this episode. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"I went in wanting to study food and culture..a lot people go in and change their interests. It can be difficult. There's a lot of really interesting stuff out there."

"Saying "buy local" is not a feasible goal for the long term."

"New York is a great place to study the food systems issue. There are all these people on an island that manage to eat every day. It's a great laboratory to study [food system] models."

--Amy Rosenthal on Taste Matters

"My goal would be uniting culture and sustainability."

--Ashley Kosiak on Taste Matters