This week on Taste Matters, guest-host Karen Karp is joined by Noah Labat-Comess, founder and president of Tom Cat Bakery, the oldest artisan bakery in New York. Tune in for a great conversation that takes us from New York in the 1980's to the present day American food revolution. Find out what drove Noel to pursue artisanal baking and how along with the help of investors like Danny Meyer he started Tom Cat Bakery in 1987. After selling Tom Cat Bakery, Noel decided to explore the world of desserts, founding Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing, a manufacturer and marketer of premium chilled "spoon" desserts and treats, dessert cups for grown-ups. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"Starting in the 80's there was a tremendous in-rush of culinary influence in New York City - it was a turning point." 04:42

"One of the things I'm good at is recognizing a white space in the market and seeing things that haven't been done or could be done better." 10:41

--Noel Labat Comess on Taste Matters