After subsequent shows on embracing our imperfections, facing our relationship patterns and moving boldly into the future with that knowledge at hand, it's time for the team to apply what we've learned to our dating lives. So in our first segment, we catch up on our recent dating scenes, and discuss a shared hatred: boring first-date conversations (which, fittingly, was the subject of last week's Modern Love column). How can we be bolder in sparking engaging conversations? How can we apply what we've learned from our live therapy sessions to maybe change our path a smidge? Then we're joined by the boldest, brassiest pastry chef we know, Paulette Goto. She was the supportive force behind our Why We Didn't Work series, and is the kind of friend everyone should have when they need a bit of (not too subtle) prompting for living without shame or apology. Paulette shares how she became so self assured, what vulnerabilities she deals with still, and how this all plays into pastry.