Jack Inslee takes the wheel for this week's edition of The Farm Report to talk oyster farming with Chris Sherman and CJ Huck of Island Creek Oyster Farm. Tune into this program to learn about shellfish aquaculture, and why it's the only form of protein production that actually benefits the environment. Learn how Chris and CJ seed oysters in Duxbury, and how the hand of the grower affects the final product. How can one distinguish a spoiled oyster from a safe one? How did Island Creek get their oysters into the White House? Learn about Island Creek's philanthropical work and more on this week's edition of The Farm Report! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Music has been provided by Obey City.

"There's this kind of identity crisis going on where a lot of the people growing oysters were fisherman, and now they're having to become farmers." [4:20]

"As opposed to most protein production, oysters actually net an environmental benefit." [7:15]

-- Chris Sherman on The Farm Report