This week's episode of The Speakeasy is all about whiskey. Damon Boelte is joined by Avianna Ponzi of Bomberger's Distillery. Bomberger's is the reincarnation of the original whiskey distilled under the same name, which dates back to 1753. Commemorating the historic Bomberger's Distillery; this blend of American whiskey represents collaboration across generations and traditions to preserve the history and future legacy of Pennsylvania Craft Whiskey. Tune in and get the inside school on this incredible story. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"I think people glamorize distilling. It's somewhat of a manufacturing process. The end consumer product is glamorous but mining the stills as things drip out is not as glamorous as people think." [12:00]

--Avaianna Ponzi on The Speakeasy