When covering beverages, it quickly becomes clear that the wine world and the cocktail/spirits world are two completely different beasts to deal with Robert Simonson, our guest today on The Speakeasy, chose the latter - and he couldn't be happier. Tune in as he and host Damon Boelte chat about the allure of the cocktail scene, the camaraderie of bartenders and mixologists working today and some of the emerging trends in the industry. Do trends deserve to die? What is the responsibility of a journalist? Find out on an informative and relaxed episode of The Speakeasy. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. Music provided by Eula.


"Spirits and cocktail people are very different from wine people - and I decided I like the spirits and cocktail people more." [05:00]

"I worry about burning out good trends before they deserve to die." [21:00]

--Robert Simonson on The Speakeasy