Gender imbalance in media coverage and awards recognition… maternity leave in the hospitality business … sexual harassment. A number of topics have been heating up around women in the pro kitchen recently, thanks to a confluence of current events and think-pieces that gained industry traction. We get into all of it with guests Emma Bengtsson (executive chef of Aquavit), Alina Martell (pastry chef of Ai Fiori and Vaucluse), Karen Palmer (executive editor of Tasting Table), and Cindy Pawlcyn (of Mustards Grill and Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen). Co-hosting with Jimmy and Andrew this week is Heritage Radio Network’s executive director Erin Fairbanks, herself a former professional cook.

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“I don’t think awards or acknowledgement is the most important sign of success. I think it is a part of success, and it’s a fun part of success, but success in the kitchen is defined in so many different ways. Does my soufflé rise? That’s success for today.” [13:00] – Alina Martell