Carmen Devito and Alice Marcus Krieg are back with all new episodes of We Dig Plants! This week, Carmen and Alice discuss one of their recent garden projects with Tom Pearson and Jennine Willett Millman of Third Rail Projects. Carmen and Alice designed a site-specific garden for Then She Fell, a Victorian Alice in Wonderland interpretation that takes place inside of the old Greenpoint Hospital building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hear about how the tension is created by the contrasting setting and story, and how this duality furthers conflict in the production. Learn why this project was particularly liberating for Carmen and Alice in terms of creating a garden to suit the Victorian theme. Tune in to hear Tom and Jennine discuss their respective character roles, and how the site-specific nature of the play influences their understanding of the characters' personalities. Welcome back, We Dig Plants! This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Even the taste experiences are partnered with the actual performance components." -- Tom Pearson of Then She Fell on We Dig Plants

"The Victorians couldn't get loose in other ways, but they could go into the glasshouse or orangery and be exotic and be free." -- Carmen Devito on We Dig Plants