Meet Lou Andronaco, one of the stars of Chasing Tail, a new hunting reality show on The History Channel. He's this week's guest on The Wild Game Domain with Chad Pagano. Tune in for a great conversation between two no-nonsense hunters as they chat about hunting strategy, techniques, and the challenges that come along with bringing a camera crew on a hunt. Hear Lou's history with hunting, and find out how his cousins film school thesis project turned into a hit reality TV show. Hear his thoughts on trophy hunting, population control and being the "young buck" of the crew on the show. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch. Music by Tom Cruz.

"I started deer hunting in 8th grade in Northern Vermont. If my report card was good - I got to go to camp, if not I had to stay home." [06:00]

"My dream hunt would be in Louisiana with the swamp people shooting alligators out of the boat." [18:00]

-- Lou Andronaco of Chasing Tail on Wild Game Domain