Save the Dates! Race, Place, and Authenticity in the Brooklyn Food Scene Panels

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Race, Place, and Authenticity in the Brooklyn Food Scene is presented by Heritage Radio Network, Local Roots NYC, and Raaka Chocolate.  We’re exploring identity through food and drink in a series of panel discussions on food labeling, beverage culture, and the history of food manufacturing.  

All events will take place at the Raaka Chocolate factory in Red Hook: 64 Seabring St, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

Olde English to Old Fashioneds: Brooklyn’s Changing Beverage Scene

Friday, October 23, 7 PM

Presented by Heritage Radio Network

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How do changing beverage preferences reflect neighborhood identity? Does the Brooklyn craft beverage industry serve the community? Our panel will address the place and space of liquor stores and bars, spirits as status symbols, and whether shelf space allocation aligns with local preferences.  We’ll discuss what we really mean when we talk about neighborhood change, and explore Bed-Stuy as a case study of economic development that respects long-time neighborhood residents.


Does Labeling Hurt the Local Food System?

Friday, November 13, 7 PM

Presented by Local Roots NYC

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Terms like "organic" and "made in Brooklyn" help educate consumers on what they are buying, but sometimes these terms can be misleading because they don't tell the whole story about the product. Are these labels just buzzwords that encourage consumers to make quick decisions without reading past the label, or are they helping grow local food by reaching a broader customer base?


The Vanishing Past of the Brooklyn Food Scene

Friday, December 11, 7 PM

Presented by Raaka Chocolate

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In the early 20th century, diverse immigrant populations started food businesses which strengthened and added character to Brooklyn neighborhoods, but the “original” food culture is dying out.  Are gentrification and big business washing out the rich history of immigrant food?  Is the new Brooklyn brand trending toward homogeny? How will this affect our future?



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