On today's episode of Velveting Issues, Dave, Nastassia, and the Rest welcome James Briscione, author and executive chef at Angelena's, James is on to discuss his new book Flavor For All, but before we dive into that Ben Simon  hops in to tell everyone about the Ben To Table x Booker & Dax holiday collaboration. Check it out at http://www.bookeranddax.com/bdxholiday2020.

James and Dave answer tough questions like: "does anyone like White Chocolate?" and remind eachother of the most annoying mistakes their culinary students would make. Plus, Dave somehow goads James into saying: "I Disagree, you SHOULD put poop in your eggs."

But, wait, there's more:

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Want to know more about the Florabama Fish Toss? Check out the last segment of this episode of Meat and Three: Borders, Borscht, and Bezos.

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