This episode features two of our favorite chefs, Lydia Shire and Will Gilson. Each will share a story of how far a chef will go for love -- or a recipe. 

Lydia Shire - How much do I want this recipe?

Lydia Shire is simply one of the country’s leading chefs. Named to every high honor in the culinary world, including becoming the first female executive chef at a Four Seasons Hotel. Lydia began cooking in Boston at 21, as a young divorced mother with three small children. Her story of her drive, ingenuity and skill is inspirational, allowing her to rise to become one of the first female Executive Chef at a Four Seasons hotel, and launching numerous restaurants in her hometown, Boston including Scampo where she shares the executive chef honors with her son. For more about Lydia Shire, visit

Lydia Shire

Will Gilson - If this olive-skinned man who smelled like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes told me I needed this rice dish in my life, imagine if I could bring it back to the United States and use it to charm women?

Chef Will Gilson is one of Boston’s most energetic and talented chefs. Will is a two-time James Beard semi-finalist and Puritan & Company was listed on Bon Appetit’s “50 Best Restaurants” shortly after it opened in late 2012.His flagship restaurant, Puritan & Company, is expanding from one to three additional locations in Cambridge over the next year in a new and connected neighborhood at the intersection of Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. Café Beatrice, an all-day café; Geppetto, a full-service Italian restaurant slated to open in 2021; and The Lexington, a cocktail bar and restaurant with a rooftop terrace. For more about Will, take a gander at his website,

Will Gilson

Photos Courtesy of Bjversoy

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