Nicole Januarie is a Director/Producer of Vallery's new series, Vallery Bakes Your Questions, on Food Network. Nicole partners with brands and individuals to assess how to creatively communicate their message through strong and impactful content. After more than a decade of ideating, strategizing, producing, and directing videos for multi-million dollar brands and start-ups, Nicole has learned what truly drives conversations and moves individuals to an emotional connection. It's not mastering the new flavor of the week; it's how well you connect with the beating-hearts of people you're trying to help and inspire, and how effectively you communicate your understanding of their needs back to them.

The former Managing Partner and co-founder of 19th & Park Inc., and 2019 Adweek Creative 100 honoree, recently focused her attention on launching her own production company, Januarie 1st Inc. It's a full-service creative development and production company whose work includes commercials, television shows, branded content, and more. She's been featured in WWD, Forbes, ESSENCE, and appeared on the grand jury for the New York Festivals Advertising Awards and Adweek's Experiential Awards.

Nicole Januarie, Director / Producer at Januarie 1st Inc.

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