Michael Davenport didn’t frequent restaurants often because he preferred to prepare a meal. Perhaps his love for home cooking is why this episode’s stories are about the woes of dining out. Enjoy funny, awkward, and honest observations about eating at restaurants, and recommending them to others. 

“Davenport’s Law” states that the very evening you recommend a restaurant to friends is the very evening it will go bad. The chef will be sick or the air conditioning will be broken; somehow your friends will end up cursing your name. When it comes to the timing of a meal, Michael self-identified as a “salad-afterer.” Salad bars have their pros and cons but Michael insisted upon eating his salad after the main course no matter how many waiters it confused. Over the years, plenty of people suggested Davenport open his own restaurant, his response: “heaven forbid.” He claims home cooks don’t often become famous chefs and shares a laundry list of hurdles to opening a successful food chain. When he dined out, Michael was happy to merely be, The Shameless Chef. 

The Shameless Chef

Episode art by Alicia Qian.

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