On this episode, Aarón and Zarela welcome their friend and colleague, Rick Bayless, a pioneer in traditional Mexican cuisine at the highest level, to discuss rice in Mexican cuisine. There isn’t much Chef Bayless hasn’t done or an award he hasn’t won. Owner of a restaurant empire in Chicago, most notably Frontera Grill and Topolobambo, he’s written 8 cookbooks, hosted two PBS series’ Cooking Mexican and Mexico:One Plate at a Time and numerous TV appearances including winner of season 1 Top Chef Masters. Chef Bayless has won James Beard awards from Best chef, Outstanding Restaurant to Best Cookbook, and humanitarian of the year.

 Together, Rick, Zarela, and Aarón explore this  essential - but not native - ingredient. They cover the arrival of rice to Mexico and the differences between long and short grain rice. Zarela shares her earliest memories growing up with rice on the ranch, and a preparation she was taught in finishing school. Plus, Rick shares how he bakes rice at his restaurants and gets Aarón and Zarela to share the secrets of their favorite rice recipes. 

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Rick Bayless

Photo Courtesy of Rick Bayless/Galdones Photography

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