We open the show in Lima, Peru, with legendary chef Virgilio Martínez. He’s redefined the cuisine of his homeland by diving deep into the country’s incredibly diverse ecosystems and indigenous ingredients. He’s served potatoes that only grow thousands of feet above sea level, unleashed the flavors of wild varieties of quinoa and amaranth seed and even used kushuru, an edible cyanobacteria harvested in high-altitude wetlands. His flagship Central Restaurante is one of the most acclaimed and groundbreaking restaurants in the world. For music we revisit one of the most memorable bands we’ve had on the show: Tropa Magica. Back in October 2018, the Pacheco brothers, David and Rene, performed for us live in-studio at Dangerbird Records’ studio in Los Angeles. The East L.A. natives are longtime fixtures in the local music scene, and their unique high-spirited “psychedelic cumbia punk” sound is sure to get your feet moving.

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