Shen Tong is one of the most accomplished individuals I have met. It is simply not possible to bracket him in to pre- and post-food careers because he builds on his achievements instead moving from one to the next. Shen is a social activist, exiled from China as one of the student leaders in the democracy movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989, he was also heavily involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Shen Tong is a television producer, technology innovator, entrepreneur, serial investor and writer. His accomplishments are extraordinary at 48, and his new focus is food. Shen founded Food Future Co. the world's first scale-up accelerator in food, agriculture and social entrepreneurship. He also founded Food-X, the number 1 food innovation accelerator in the world. These accelerators will support companies making meaningful change for the future. Food Future Co. and Food-X are not trying to fund rapid growth for a high return on investment – these companies are the ethical investors in the future of food. Tune in to hear a new perspective on the future of food and what the goal in sight is for Shen’s food movement. If you enjoyed today's episode please subscribe or rate and review. One Industry Fits All, Much Love.