On this episode of After the Jump, host Grace Bonney is talking about the importance of balancing work and managing stress. Today, Grace pulls from her personal experiences in order to offer some sound advice about having an efficient and happy work life. Tune in to learn about how being honest with yourself can help to realize your professional goals, and how prioritizing can lead to effective productivity. Hear about how Grace made changes in her life, and how you can avoid the burn-out that is pervasive in the digital community. Grace also notes the importance of a support system, and lists some valuable resources for people experiencing a work life imbalance. This episode has been brought to you by Clarkson Potter Publishers.

"While flexibility and understanding with yourself is good, also having some hard lines is never a bad thing."

"Your career is rarely ruined by saying 'no' to a single opportunity or making a single mistake, but what can ruin it is being burned out, being uninspired, and not operating efficiently or to the best of your ability."

-- Grace Bonney on After the Jump