Hear from Grace Bonney's mentor and friend, Rena Tom, on this week's installment of After the Jump. Rena is a California native who has been involved in everything from consulting, to jewelry design, to founding the collaboration-minded Makeshift Society. Tune into this episode to hear Rena talk about her upbringing, and how her family pushed her to start her own business. Learn about Rena's time in Park Slope, and her experiences owning the jewelry design store, Rare Device. How do small businesses and creative circles differ in San Francisco and Brooklyn? Also in the studio is architect Bryan Boyer. Listen in to hear Rena and Bryan talk about her newest venture, Makeshift Society, and how it has grown and expanded to the East Coast. This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.


"It's been a lot of fun dreaming and trying to bring the vision of Makeshift to more people." [18:10]

-- Rena Tom on After the Jump