Megan Auman defends "stuff" on this week's episode of After the Jump with host Grace Bonney. Megan is the woman behind the popular website, Stuff Does Matter, and the author of the upcoming book "In Defense of Stuff". Tune in to hear an in-depth conversation on the importance of objects in ones life, from functionality to nostalgia, and find out why most people's idea of hoarding is way off base. Why are we so brainwashed into buying stock products when more interesting and higher quality hand made or artisanal options are readily available? Why do some people hold on to things for so long? From family heirlooms to simple household items, learn the differences and similarities between objects, possessions, things and "stuff". This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.

"I don't see a difference between the word stuff and object. What i want to do is take the word stuff and make people realize it's not about a mass it's about individual things."

"People get stuck in a process of thinking 'I need something new so I'll go to Target'. I think it's important for us to show people that there are alternatives. I liken it to the holistic food movement...people are seeking out the good stuff."

"Just because we loved something once, doesn't mean we have to hold on to it forever. Some people carry a lot of guilt over these things."

--Megan Auman of
on After the Jump