Pull up a chair and join in as Shari Bayer gets an inside glimpse at OpenTable on this episode of All in the Industry with guests Leela Srinivasan and Olivia Terenzio on the line from California. OpenTable is a website and mobile app allowing patrons to make reservations, read restaurant reviews, and earn points towards free meals that has been in operation since 1998. Committed to empowering the restaurant experience and helping restaurants grow, OpenTable is growing globally and as Leela and Olivia explain, their platform particularly highlights verified diner reviews and subsidiary apps to further aid the customer as well as the restaurant. Tune in to hear more from this evolving business as well as the infamous speed round, industry news, plus Shari's solo dining experience. This program was brought to you by EscapeMaker.com.

"We like to say our audience is restauranteurs and aspiring restauranteurs, so that could be a chef that wants to open his own restaurant, a GM, anyone passionate about having a restaurant someday." [8:30]

--Olivia Terenzio on All in the Industry

"We are laser focused on making our restaurants successful by keeping them full!" [17:30]

--Leela Srinivasan on All in the Industry