This week on All in the Industry, host Shari Bayer welcomes Editor-in-Chief of Saveur, Adam Sachs. Getting the scoop on his path to food writing, Adam goes on to share his favorite places visited, written about, and more importantly, eaten through! Having traveled around the world, Adam relays that Saveur seeks to bring its reader to the source of unique and delicious food. Shari gets his thoughts on the Instagram plus how magazine pieces come together before Adam answers the speed round questions. Tune in to hear what's on the horizon for Saveur as well as industry news and the solo dining experience! This program was brought to you by

"For me, it is a dream job because Saveur is a magazine about following food to its source." [18:20]

"I think one of the pleasures of print is to bring it with you!" [22:40]

"Our reader is someone who likes to travel, cook, likes to eat and drink and know where their food comes from and likes a story." [24:40]

--Adam Sachs on All in the Industry