This ORIGINS episode will be about the future of fish farming as well as its current status. Our panel consists of Jillian Fry, TJ Tate, Mark Ely and Jesse Blom.

Jillian Fry directs the Seafood, Public Health & Food Systems Project at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. The project aims to increase awareness, expand the relevant evidence base, and advance policy goals in support of a healthy, equitable, and sustainable supply of farmed and wild seafood products. Jillian is a researcher and educator who believes in the importance of effective science communication. She received her Master’s of Public Health degree from the University of New Mexico and doctorate from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Jesse Blom is an educator with a great interest in agriculture and the environment. He uses aquaponics, the symbiotic production of fish and plants, and other forms of urban agriculture, as teaching tools for people of all ages at the Food System Lab @ Cylburn. Jesse received an M.S. in Freshwater Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Dartmouth College.

Mark Ely is the owner of Limestone Springs Preserve located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Limestone Springs is the largest private aquaculture facility in Pennsylvania. They grow Rainbow trout for their recreational fishing preserve located on its 25 acre farm, also for private stocking, and they process trout for the food industry. Mark currently sits on the PennAg Industries (PA aquaculture trade association) and the US Trout Farmers Assoc. board of directors. June will mark his 30th year in the aquaculture industry.

Tj Tate is the Founder of Seafood.Life a strategic company focused on the defining, implementing and executing solutions to secure the future needs of our seafood consumption. TJ’s goal is to unify cross-sector messaging regarding responsible aquaculture on a global scale. TJ is rooted in her beliefs that a responsible ecosystem of wild and farmed seafood holds the power to change our futures and attain goals of food security, economic gains and maintaining cultural connections to the ocean.

TJ has worked in the world of fisheries for over 18 years beginning her career in Aquaculture and fisheries working at Hubbs Research Institute. She was previously the Director of Seafood Sustainability for the National Aquarium, Founder and Director of the first brand of responsibly harvested and traceable wild caught fish from the Gulf of Mexico called Gulf Wild.

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