Fuhmentaboudit is back for a new season of hoptastic radio! On the line with Melody Meyer of Yakima Chief Hop Union, hosts Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett reveal that they recently participated in the hop and brew school with the organization and loved it! YCH Hops was originally founded by hop growing families, some of them growing hops in the Yakima Valley for more than 130 years. These family farms joined together to build an organization which would market their hop products direct to brewers worldwide. Melody goes on to share how the US hop industry works, what makes the Yakima Valley special, and how homebrewers specifically fit in to their equation. Conversation also touches upon HBC-438, a new experimental hop issued for use by homebrewers. Notably, profits from HBC-438 sales go to Ales for ALS. Tune in for all things hops! This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.


"Being grower-owned, that is the best tool we have." [12:00]

--Melody Meyer on Fuhmentaboudit