This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone discusses beer trends, new brews and craft breweries in Ohio with an esteemed panel of beer industry player including writer/author Josh Bernstein, Seth Wright of Beer Nation TV, Jeff Cioletti of Beverage World and Justin Phillips of Beer Table. Tune in to learn about The Pantry, a new beer shop founded by Justin Phillips and how they plan on bringing table wine in beer form to the consumer. Learn more about beer in the Midwest and how local beer will really take over in 2012! This program was sponsored by

"2012 is gonna be the year when things finally really turn local. I don't mean everybody using their own grain and hops because that's not feasible. But you can rely upon locally sourced ingredients and also become the best small brewery in town."

--Josh Bernstein on Beer Session Radio

"What's the point of traveling for beer if you're having stuff you could just have at home?"

--Jeff Cioletti of Beverage World on Beer Sessions Radio

"After a few years of operating Beer Table and only pouring wacky stuff, I got to a point where I'm now interested in seeing brewers present classic simple drinks."

--Justin Phillips of Beer Table on Beer Sessions Radio