This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined by several Long Island brewers. We've got Mark Burford of Blue Point Brewing Co., John Liegey and Greg Soroski and of Greenport Harbor Brewing Co., Paul Dlugokencky from Blind Bat Brewery, and beer blogger Niko Krommydas. Hear Mark's wild start in brewing- hiding from the "ice mob" and killing hundreds of Long Island trout. Hear about some famous Long Island beers, from Blue Point's Toasted Lager to Greenport Harbor's Maibock. Listen to these Long Islanders' local beer pride, and the difficulties starting a brewery of any size on Long Island. Tune in to hear about these different brewing companies deal with their brewing waste- spent grain and "gray water". This episode has been brought to you by

"So as soon as the shotgun goes off at ten thousand feet, I've got this ringing and explosion going around my head with the nitrous and everything...and I said to myself, 'I have to recreate this in a beer."

"Breweries are 'green' by nature...everything that goes in, goes out." -- Mark Burford on Beer Sessions Radio

"We're in a space now where we're able to make the beers we want, we're making them where we want to make them, and Long Island is the place we choose." --John Liegey on Beer Sessions Radio