This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy brings in David Rius and Ben Kruthanooch from Barcelona, as well as Augie Carton from Carton Brewing and Jon Lundbom from B United International. First we hear from David Rius from Art Cervesers. David tells us about his experience brewing beer in Spain, and his commitment to using local ingredients. Later on, we hear about the role that beer plays in Catalonian culture. Tune in to this week's episode to hear everyone tell us what beer means to them! This program has been sponsored by Great Thanks to Dead Stars.

"There are many bigger breweries in the rest of spain, but all of the smaller, more interesting breweries are in Catalonia." [29:20]

David Rius on Beer Sessions Radio

"The fundamental difference between beer and wine is that wine is agriculture and beer is cooking." [10:30]

Jon Lundbom on Beer Sessions Radio